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The real thing that shows here is that you are totally and utterly obsessed with NPC buffs. This is not and never will be the real way of playing Lineage … It is a shame you cannot see that. You were also talking about bots. The definition of a bot is something completely different than creating a second and/or third account to level your dancer and singer from 0 to what we “older” players have now. We started with new chars, no clan (meaning no NPC buffer with basic PP buffs) so we leveled up with 2 stupid potions. But we did it! Then as we gathered like 10kk adena we bought ourselves a CH and we thought we became Gods. At that point many of us decided to create our own SWS and BD and as they reached a good level with all needed buffs – we became strong enough to raid, spoil and craft – this way our Path from 0 to what we have today. And we are proud of this achievement.

My point: Please do not be a silly crying person cos you do not have dances and songs ready as soon as you log in – there are worst situations – like have NO buffs at all. Also if I understood correctly – Twista was buffing you with dances and songs every time he was online. So, please! Just – don’t! You had much more than any of us as we started.

Further on – create your dancer and singer. Multi-boxing with those chars is allowed. But if you are too lazy then of course do not do it, or even better as it has turned out – leave the server. If you liked the server this much, that minor NPC buffer should not be the cause of your leaving. This server never WAS about having 200 people online. At maximum I think there was like 30 active people, but the players who really stayed forever are those who can truly appreciate the atmosphere of good old school Lineage. And we are here to stay for good, even if that is just the 5 of us.

For any new players who read this: Be old school or you won’t like it here. However there are players like myself who will always be here and ready to help you with clan/buffs/gear … Just PM Hyperion, Midona, Twista and/or GalyGaly in game and you will be set up quickly.

As for you, dear alindina1, you are always welcome to come back and you will always get help from any of us. That will never change.

It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.