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About the crest, if i am right the slash (” / “) work too cause if i’m remind correctly i’m used to do ” c:/cc1.bmp ”
About that ” W ” (how to make that symbol in Azerty keyboard lol Oo?)
I will see if I can’t make the client to show ” \ ” and not that ” W ” 🙂

“hm ok i had Play c3 but on this Server are 30 – 40 Slots but i dont know this is original ^^”
C1 C2 C3 used a system that Buff/Debuff use same slot and also limited to 20 slot (in original C3 official server song / dance was rare, cause bd/sws was simply rare on official server aswell as prophet so creator of the game logic wasn’t going to add more slot when it was necessary.)

Increasing it would requite tooooon of coding and add ton of bug visually in the game that isn’t able to calcul more than 25 slot like C4 client that automatly create 5 line of buff if you want ^^

I like that kind of side cause that maintly on what I work when i was doing server stuff, I wanted to put debuff in another slot bar ^^ (like C4 I mean you can’t be overbuff cause of bleeding for example. :))
So yeah there a nice limit in C3 do like me I do in Dragon Valley Cave :

(from left to right)
Dance of Light | Holy Weapon | Might | Shield | Berserker Spirit | Bless the body | Haste | Focus |Death Wisper | Wind walk | Dance of Warrior | Dance of Vampire | Dance of Fire | Dance of Fury | Song of Hunter | Song of Earth | Song of wind

With that you have free slot (potion/one debuff/self buff)
also you kick ass of all these undead easly (btw I am lv 64 and I rush on pytan/malruk lord room without much problem :3)

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !