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Might be bad, but it’s not fixable 🙂 You’ll get used to it soon.

Apart from some armors/raids, we don’t have many customs. We try to stay as clean as possible. The 20 buff slot is great because you need to think about the buffs you get first when PvPing as well, so that you can plan on which buffs you will lose when you get debuffed. Lots of strategies there, old school PvP.

You can set the crest normally. This is another old unfixable C3 bug, \ displays as W but acts as \ , so it would look like:


Sword of Limit – Health fixed (after next restart).
Stormbringer & Tsurugi give 7% Atk Speed from +0 instead of +4, so the SA works.
Need to fix that on the client, thanks.