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Well I only have one thing to tell.
Your, I mean by someway our server is the best in it’s cathegory (by our I mean Players make the server too cause no players , no server :))
Back few years ago when my old C3 server goes to C4 I automatly looked for C3 server and that here OS poped with the same server files and also bug so eeeeh I liked it from it’s root even with all it’s bug.
And during my play here, I was also looking for other server & chronicle (Inot an hardcore gamer that come everyday but I have a nice experience in Lineage :3)
and also I was looking for server files and did several little test like a local server to see the behind of the scene.
And honnestly OS seem bit “slow” for some to publish update or new content but that such a work for two people (Silent and Tool) that pretty good what is made :p
So even if there a stealer that steal the client honnestly he will not go that far with it.
He doesn’t have the engine to power it properly.
Anyway OS as always been the best C3 I’ve meet and will always so nah I will never go away on other server like IA that have crappe killing gameplay or a stealer that doesn’t even have heart on others creation, work etc.

A word for you Silent now :
if that person can access only the client really I don’t think he will go far, like does he know how to add weapon in the dat?
That an example but I sure he can’t do much more than an original C3 Client would provide him, exept for new armor and weapon, but still he will need such amount of weapon to “import” it on C3 server files that you don’t have to worry for your server 😉
Even if he have L2x Server files it does provide client side too so still I don’t see what it can do to OS =3

Anyway all that to say in short I love os and nothing else 😛
I still remind my old char 😛 Midona with crappy S looking stuff and imperial staff XD
I had a screen of my whole team of Gotrunk/Alamitrie/Midona/Baoulettes/Billbourin at Elven village XD

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !