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interlude/c3 best ever exspansion to the game, i honestly think i liked interlude better, just because of the farming zones…but both great and after interlude everything just went down hill.

Definitely agree that things went downhill after interlude. The game just always got more boring for me. I played about 6 months of GoD. It was terrible.. Only fun thing was Oly, I was top 3 ISS and hero 1x on Chronos. Once the botters and RMTers hit 95 though.. it was all over for me lol. I was only level 91 with barely decent gear for that level. The botters RMTers were in +6 R95 gear and had spend 1500-2000 dollars to +15 their R95 top weapons in the cash shop.. I couldn’t compete with all that. They also ran events for these shirts that have you +7 speed and special abilities if you could +++ it enough. Dumb… You needed to spend 1k a month to keep up ROFL.