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Can you post repport log of your critical error please :)?

Nothing to post. It is not an actual “critical” error – I just get a sign of “Lineage 2 is not working anymore …” And I can only click OK and then client closes.

Have recently rebooted your computer ?

I did. I reboot it every now and then … besides as stated before – I did nothing unusual with my computer at all.

look for Folder “GameGuard”.

I have GameGuard folder – always had it.

I have Windows 7 (but then again – I had Win 7 for a long while now. That shouldn’t be a problem either.

As for editing and/or deleting files – not something I am into doing. Can only mess wth my client even more. Those .ini files are the same as always, so I tend not to mess with them. If it works for others, it should work for me, too. It however does not … and I have absolutely no idea why not.

It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.