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Well I do some more little work on that little Launcher I told you ! 🙂
Right now what it does :

Features Done :
Check Server Required game version.*
Check Game client current version.
Read Online Check Files list.*
Check files.
Download only needed files.
Tell you what file it download.
Read Online Change logs.*
Read Option.ini.
Read L2.ini.
Launch Game Normaly.
Launch Game Normaly & Alt+Tab attempt Fix.
Launch in Dev-Mode.
Launch in Dev-Mode & Alt+Tab attempt Fix.

Todo-list :
Option.ini overwrite with user given param.
L2.ini overwrite with user given param.
Working Progress bar (currently they are static.)
Change Logs Placeholder rework.
Application Icon.
Application Logo (At the moment I use unauthorized modified Login ! So I own NO any right on it!)
Spell Check the app fully.
Inner test.

I am making the app totaly working without needing recompilation if you want to put new url, new logo etc etc I try to make it as simple as I could but still! My source are open and commented there :
Paste bin L2 OS Launcher
And yes you will be able to totaly refuse it, at first I make it for the challenge and training.
So after it if that userfull why not 🙂

and well here a little preview of what it look
L2 OS Launcher Preview Screen

Interrested in ?
I mean it seem I got no comments so I got it like “meh not really userfull Baou …” ^^”

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !