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Not really a client mod but let me tell you 🙂
I was switching Fullscreen to windows so many time that I set two system folder also…
As you see I can post screen with all stuff but no worry on the server I don’t own it !
it is “Pawn Viewer” aka Dev console, you can try all stuff from the game.
And as it require a custom L2.ini I used to make a.bat to rename files etc etc
With time I was … angry to myself that dirty work .bat honnesty also is look ugly I like application ui with button and stuff XD
So at first I made a time application that was 3 button and one checkbox (little square you check)
it was “Play Server” “Play Dev Console” “Close” and the check box was “Fullscreen ?”

So yeah it was userfull enough that I have implented the system to copy my files from Lineage II modded Unreal Engine (The soft I use to create Acc and co.) to my Lineage II
So I had a system to backup my files , check the size of it so it doesn’t delete copy paste if that useless.

And untill today it was perfect.
I just had an idea that ruined all.
my idea was :
“Why not parse full option of the game to provide an outside management and allowing to update game from online files”
Yeah you get it I get the idea to create a simple Launcher for my self at the base.

So now for the challenge and fun of codding (yeap I love it) I am making a Launcher / updater for our little client.
Here a sample screen 🙂 (it look bad but really That what I can do in less a day :))

Also you wanna source ?
You wann so how I code ?
Then come here 🙂

If you navigate through my Pastebin you can several little work I made but not really related to Lineage II 🙂 (except file need for that soft)
Yep the Launcher is not yet fully functionnal (I haven’t even reworked my “Play” button so it jsut does nothing 😉 but in few it will :3
Have fun ~

if you want it like I pmed you I can provide full source are .rar so you can play around ^^

PS I made this post here as I will explain how to get the Dev console easly for all for people that wanna do screen or see stuff before craft or just curious peoples ^^

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !