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Well there is two hairs style for all male character (it follow all the same scheme ^^)
So all males are done actually !
and as you see I have made it hairs accessories because I can’t add them on the select screen :/
But by this all created char would be able to use it if any day we got it in game 🙂
(If we do I suggest it to be available for all but without any bonus, except “Charisme +15” XD!)
Also for icon bah I had no idea so I made something fast 🙂
And description I tried to follow Lineage ][ logic 🙂

Two japan hairs style for all females I am currently working on it but it progress fine :p (yes I did convert GOD mesh to C3 ;))
And also I made some eye candy, you can see if you open as new tab, icons are made also the name + description in way to no be against copyrights for bunnies ears and the helmet of a famous space lady from nintendo 🙂

I honnestly hope that all that work will be possible to be made there, I try to do all style to please the maximum of person, it could give the “plus” to make that server totaly unique and bring even more peoples (yeap that my goal honnestly bring peoples even if that one only that better than nothing) but also to bring a smile to current players as I do when I check results in game 🙂
Cause really I take pleasure to make it! 🙂
It like I don’t know how to say politly but that “enjoyable” XD
anyway hope you gonna like it and once I have quite lot I will make you an archive again with lines and all the necessary so you could check your self (btw if you need the dev console feel free I can tell you how, it can be usd to check All skill/npc/item )

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !