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Hello and welcome, glad to see more old skoolers finding out about us! I’ll answer your first statement without being a question: we’ve been the only active C3 server for the past 5 years, so there’s a reason why we’re the top google result.

  1. This server is L2OFF C3. Imagine Retail C1 but with C3 features added to it (only actual way I can explain it). Some basic functions are still based as they were in C1, but most features that were introduced to C1-C2-C3 have been added. XP loss is 4% per death, less XP gained by green / light blue / blue mobs, PK works as it did on retail (more PKs = more Karma = harder to clear), extra teleports have been added to one “main” gatekeeper, most consumables are sold in the custom shops, including customized (and balanced) mana potions (but not spammable).
  2. We do not offer global buffers. Prophet buffs, Agility and Empower can be obtained by a Clan Hall Buffer (who you get if you have a Clan Hall) and that’s it. Buffers will receive some extra buffs (lol) for usage in PvP as well (such as crowd control).
  3. All gear up to A grade can be obtained through shops. However, you need to Craft your own S grade weapons / armors, as well as custom Dusk Weapons. You of course need to spoil materials, and have customized all material drops (spoil list can be found under Tutorials & Guides section)
  4. PvP has not really been touched. We have played around a bit with some imbalanced C3 spells (such as SPS Cancel) to give other classes a chance against them, but other than that it is as you remember it. Everyone is overpowered pretty much, which is what was so awesome about this Chronicle.
  5. Botting is not allowed. Sure, you can dualbox you characters but know that if someone reports you for botting or you are caught AFK farming (botting) you will be punished. Make sure you read our rules.

If you ever played on C3 private servers, we have tried to re-create L2x. We do not claim to be L2x simply because every remake of that server was a fail / scam, so we are doing our own thing. Most scripts and client come from L2x, as well as other unique server features (including a custom Hero System, Dusk Weapons, Titanium Armors, Catacombs, Clan Kick timeouts etc.).

Lastly, you haven’t asked about Donations but I would like to keep things in a single topic here. All gear is obtainable / farmable in-game. However, Donors do get special perks and will receive more special perks in the future.

Our Tutorials & Guides subforum has a lot of information which you could find useful.

Hope I answered your questions, feel free to post follow-ups 🙂