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<div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>silentz0r wrote:</div>
Frenzy works fine. It is a self buff which you can activate only when you are below 20% hp.

Yeah but im 61 level gladietor so when i have low hp patk status is 1000patk for example with frenzy 1100 so where’s the advantage for Gladi or Destroyer ? i remember old times in official when i use frenzy p atk goes high not like this ….

Maybe im wrong ..but its not bad to talk

Ps: *in my opinion* Silentz0r you should think about auto Create account (for somepeople its boring so they dont even start)

tony speaking for gladiator and the topic’s name is final frenzy:

why the skill said (automatically increases p attack when HP is low) and now tell me what time of char increases p attack?? had my status window always open with full hp and until i died NEVER my p attck increases..

and what said silentz0r “Fixed”? dont see any difference on my char
unless you dont give a shit…

P.s sorry for my foul language but im disappointed because the post has one month ago was created but my problem was not solved..i dont care what said anyone for the subject except from please,look my issue and find a solution