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CP is based on the CON character stat. CON is how much maximum HP you have, so the more CON the greater your max HP, and hence higher CP. Therefore any class that is high CON (Warlords, DA etc.) are missing way more than Leather/Cloth classes by disabling CP. You can even check yourself by making a Tank class and checking how much CP they have at high levels (it shows the correct amount even though it doesn’t work).

What I like about C3 is that every class is Overpowered in some way (except for Warlocks, they really suck) which makes PvP even more interesting. Sometimes a mage will get 3shot by a TH, sometimes the mage will nuke the TH down so fast he won’t even know what hit him. Same goes with pretty much every class, and over the past few years we’ve been trying to boost the less fortunate classes.