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<div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>verdi wrote:</div>
hmmm :D i wouldnt go unrealistic items that much :D imho! atm there is a big need for a bigger community. and some bugfixes (soulshots / spirit shots)

There’s nothing wrong with soulshots/spiritshots :) I agree on the need for a bigger community, and right now it is mainly up to you guys to bring your old friends/clan mates over to check our server out!

well the delay with the sps :D and when you switch weapons the SS are not automatically loading. or is that set by you?

i played retail :D and i remember i could blow all my ss just by switching weapons.

yet i work on gett all my friends here:D

I’ve replied to another topic as well, this server is in fact L2OFF C3 but it is very far away from Retail C3. I played on retail C3 myself for quite some time and I already know the differences. We are based on C1, as every old private C3 server was, so we get all the limitations from it. Currently Auto-SS is working as retail, but Auto-BSS activates upon spell cast which is really the only way we can do it for now.

If you check the server features in the Announcements section, you will find that we are very close to retail C3 and we in fact have many features that none of the old private C3 servers had.

Also apologies to ToNy for going off-topic. If more people are interested in this we will definitely think about it, thanks for the suggestion.