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Hey, thanks for the reports.

First one is a known bug, if you hit TAB it restores your char, however it is only a visual bug (you don’t actually lose your armor). Trades are really buggy and sometimes crash the client too. Unfortunately we haven’t found a solution to this yet.

I haven’t seen any issues with friendlist, I will check it out thanks.

Clan privileges are not given from the clan menu, but currently from Zashida NPC (next to gatekeeper in every major town). You need to target your clan member (he needs to be online and next to you) and select the privileges from the NPC. I will post a short guide about this soon.

Trade chat is duplicated on local chat in order to add it to the chat logs. I know it’s annoying, but it’s not meant for spamming and we have an auto kick feature for that.

Enchanted items lose their enchant when you add SA on them in C3 (and previous chronicles), this isn’t really a bug.