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Hi there, thanks for taking the time to report those bugs. All of them are known bugs, so I will reply for each of them. Most of the bugs you mentioned are not really bugs, but simply features of newer chronicles. Remember, this is C3!

1. Trade works, it just sometimes crashes (currently not sure why, probably wrong packets sent). I’ve been told by players that you can trade outside of towns fine, though haven’t checked it myself.

2. Alt+B never worked in C3! This is a much newer feature.

3. Root works fine, try untargeting and re-targeting the NPC and you will see it actually stay in the original position it was meant to be.

4. /unstuck is also a later feature, we might add an “unstuck” skill to every player.

5. Macros are currently experimental, we will try to implement them properly soon

6. The /friendslist bug is only visible to you, this is a similar bug to trading.

7. Max 999 items is the way C3 was originally. It gets less annoying over time!

I hope my response helps, let us know if you find any more bugs!