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Woodrow, Woodley and Alexis (the main shops) sell the following:

  • Quest Items
  • Consumables (Soulshots, Potions, Enchant Scrolls etc.)
  • C/B/A Weapons
  • C/B/A Armors & Jewels
  • Old C3 S Grade Armors (The Robe etc.)
  • Recipes: S Weapon, S Armor, S Jewels
  • C3 Tattoos

We also have Merchant of Mammon which is for:

  • Unsealing B/A items
  • Leveling Soul Crystals
  • Crafting Dusk items
  • SSQ exchange & Medal exchange

And finally Blacksmith of Mammon:

  • Add Special Ability (SA) to your C/B/A/S Weapons

All of those NPCs are currently in Giran and Heine town, as well as their original L2x places (Shops at Hardin’s, Merchant in Dragon Valley).

Hope this helps!