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Okay, you need to realize this is an old game and old chronicle, we are only trying to keep it alive for the people who want to play it. We don’t expect to get 20,000 people online. NPC buffers were added on all the new servers to attract more people because they wanted donations etc. and it was a retarded way to get a high audience, as well as adding super high custom donate-only gear. Everything custom we have added is farmable in-game, and we only added it in Clan Halls because CHs needed a perk added to them.

Close the server? As we mentioned before, this server is here to stay for quite a while and we’re not going anywhere. It’s a fun project between me and toolpunk and we like it the way it is. Old school, plain and simple.

To participate in a Clan Hall bidding you need to have money in your Clan Warehouse.

Hope this clears things up for you buddy.