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im recently maked S gear (Angel slayer dagger and set Draconic Ligth) and its not so hard … im leveled the spoiler in party to get extra mats.. then i maked a crafter…. having the char …. its take maybe 1 week spoiling for set grade S… Thats very fast in my opinion…. let it as is it.. no changes plz…. ppl are to lazy to spoil 1 week… if they want easy server (This is one of them) and cant get s gear, they should try some x99999 server with a npc that sell all and ruins the spoiling and leveling part of the game..

Please Guys, just a spoil some days…. i know that is a bit borred cause low population… but im trying to help, i already wrote a thread here in general section about how u can get some buffs top lvl..

More i cant do as a simple user…

Anyways i try to help.