Donation System Revamp

Hey folks, it’s me. toolpunk the code ninja.

Today I’d like to talk about the new donation system we’re implementing, and the changes it will bring with it. Technical stuff first. The new system will honor your donations automatically, so no long waiting anymore. There’ll be a simple form you fill out and submit, that’s it. It couldn’t be any easier.

Moreover prizes will be reduced and new items and games introduced. For details follow the link!

Prices will be reduced, but we haven’t yet decided by how much. It is a delicate decision to be made, since careful attention must be paid to balancing, so this does not become a pay-to-win server. We depend on donations though to keep this server running and both fully understand that few people can afford to make big donations.

That’s why we’ll be introducing a bunch of new items, most of which will be visual upgrades or funny stuff, so no stats boost. Very much like hats in Team Fortress or weapon skins etc. This way we’ll be able to honor even donations as little as 1€ with rewards as appreciation for your support.

Also coming is a brand new bonus lottery system, where you’ll be able to bet any spare tokens you might have. There will be great prizes for the winners, and even the losers will get some sort of little gratification. It might not be too useful, but it sure is fun!

If you have further ideas, remarks or concerns please share them with us in the comments below. We’re very much interested in hearing your opinions on this.

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