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The Patk on same LAN feature has been disabled already.

As far as buffs lasting longer, I will make a poll this weekend and leave it on for a couple of weeks to see how people respond to it. If most people want higher buff times, then all we have to do is deliver.

With that being said, our idea of buffers was not that they only buff. It is a playable class, able to PvP and therefore we have high class items for them as well, including hero weapons. If people don’t play these classes it’s only because they think they are not powerful when the fact is that they actually are. The 10 minute mark seems annoying to many people because they think it is supposed to be an afk buff. In fact, it is supposed to be helping out the party that the BD/SWS is in, and instead of having it down to 5 minutes we decided to leave it at 10 minutes so people can actually farm/pvp without having to get those buffs again instantly.

The new servers with 24/7 buffs ruined the whole gameplay of L2, and everyone was playing a nuking character – whether that was an archer, dagger, mage, or the occasional healer. We are trying to introduce all classes here, just like L2x used to.

With that being said, we are also working on a custom class which will be introduced in the following weeks/months, so stick around 🙂