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Hi, im new here and my main char is TargetOne… i have 2 friends more, they dont play often, so i use they help me somtimes….
we have Dancer Songer and buffer… but there is a litle problem.. the computers that we use are not Very good PCs. so i cant let open 4 clients to log buff song dances and main.. eventualy empower char and evasion char.. i must log 1 by 1 or maybe 2.
I can use 2 pcs… but i still can log in and out every 10 min dancer and songer

so my idea is..

all buffs(dances, song, pp, etc) 1hr..


1. all people log them 1 time and they can play 1hr if they dont die…
2. if i use 2 computer i can let suports loged in giran with a title like ” PM xxxxxxx For buff ” so people that dont have buffers.. can make his own easier having buff… or i can buff the main chars… maybe that will do that people play a litle more here..
3. new incomers see chars in giran so server dont seems dead.

i will be very glad if this staff can implementate higher buff time..

Party feature: +3 same ip in party = degrees P.atack … not nice (in this moment .. low players online.. ppl need buffs and no1 play pp, dancer, songer or any suporter… so people who play here need full buff.. and need to make his own Colection of suporters and it will be easier if they can lvl them in party and not 1 be 1.)

PD: other cool thing is .. if you can and packs of 5000 soulshots… its annoying to buy 999×20

Regards Pedraza Leonardo.