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How is this coming along?

Slightly slowly, but we’re getting there. There’s a lot of sysadmin operations that I keep doing which are needed to bring the server to a more manageable state for myself, so that future updates don’t take as long.

Hero system is mostly conceived, Rebirth system is mostly conceived (affects hero and vice-versa), new custom farm area is also conceived but a bit hard to deal with the “smart” AI that I want to implement. I guess I can tease another really cool idea that I’ve had for a while which I’ve recently finished successfully testing and can move forward with implementation ideas for it; it has to do with respawning of mobs and different “grades” of drops. There’s not much more I can say about that without spoiling it 🙂

Other than that there’s a huge list of ideas and small tweaks that I’ve thought about and will slowly start adding, but those also need the background sysadmin operations that I talked about before. Even though people don’t actually see it, there a whole lot of updates going on in the background and a major one is going to be coming out either this or next week. I know these updates are a success when nobody actually notices them.