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seems that he never played in C1 times when using a soulshot was for dwarfs and rich players hahaha since NPC buffers where added to L2 many classes are left obsolete imo npc buffer ruins l2 every character has his unique thingy in a way to say so if they add 1 npc where you can get all buffs will lead to a warrior vs mage boring server the best of L2 is when you go out with a big party and each player has his unique ability so going to raid or farm or wthver is more fun when you have in party a BD a PP or WC a WK a SWS and a BP or SE and then 1 tank and 1 dd it also gives more fun to the game instead of an amry of F1 users laterz ppl

Completely agree. However, all classes depend way too much on buffs in order to survive solo gameplay, so in a low populated server NPC buffers are sort of necessary evil. So, since we have NPC buffers in Clan Halls (and soon revamped ones in Castles) then what we can do to compensate the redundant buffer classes is give them perks that nobody else can give, and maybe even make them great support classes.

As much as I liked old style gameplay, I hated the fact that without buffs my characters were pretty much useless.