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fixed: transfer pain is work.

Transfer pain always worked.

oh! And transfer pain, i think, not work (

and… can u give ss for pets for Pet Manager? ) Pleeeeaseee ) ^_^

Soulshots for pet didn’t exist in C3.

Yep, auto-ss is working. Mb after relogin? Thx

and after server-down i had critical error in quest of Hatchling (second step, when you select craft-list for “Fairy Stone” or “Deluxe Fairy Stone” in Wiseman Cronos dialog). But after relogin craft-list – in your quest-items.

(sorry about my english, i’m very bad speak english and use google-translate)

What do you mean “craft-list – in your quest-items”?

lol ))

Self damage shield, Kai the Cat )

use – cast “Shield” in master )))))

Thanks for the report. You are one of the few people who have played Warlock, so please report any bugs you find with Warlock or with the Pets 🙂