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Cool questions, let me answer. 🙂

1. Weapons can be safely enchanted to +3, armors (gloves, boots, helmet, upper and lower parts) can be enchanted to +4 safely and one-piece armor can be safely enchanted to +5 … jewelry can (just like weapons) only be safely enchanted to +3.

2. No competition on SS selling, cause SS of any and all grade can be bought in a Shop (Giran – Woodrow).

3. You can buy almost all armors and weapons in a shop. However! S grade is a bit different. Weapons first – you can craft weapons or get them with killing raid bosses … even then you need to put SA on them, for which you need lots of catacombs and necropolis hunting to gather Ancient Adena needed. Armors – currently there are 3 S grade armors implemented on this server. 1st armor set we call C3 S set – it is a bit better than A grade and also buyable in a speacial shop in Giran. 2nd armor set C4 S set (cause it has c4 textures, not bonuses though) is better than the 1st one and has to be crafted. Some spoiling needed and Crafter lvl 64 (maybe 62 – not totally sure now). The 3rd S grade set is called Titanium Set and can only be obtained with killing raid bosses and even then the process is long, but it is worth it. It is the best armor the server has to offer (at the moment anyway – soon we will have Hero quest and who knows what will happen – Silentz0r will have to explain that when time comes).

4. This server has no such feature, BUT as you select Gatekeeper to port to different areas, it shows you the level of mobs that will be there. I guess that helps a lot as well to decide where to experience next.

If you have any more questions about the server and/or game play, write here or PM Alkien in game – will be happy to answer.

It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.