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thank you for your respond 🙂

well dont worry about PvP, i know i cant avoid pvp or pk on a PvPvE game. I will just stop playing if any PvP or PK goes on my nerve, as simple as that. i want to enjoy the PvE part after work or in my free time. The few question i wanted to ask on my first post will now follow.

1. Enchantment: is the safe enchant +3 any gear and +4 for one piece armor?

2.  Do we have competition on Soulshots selling? or there is none because we have a shop?

3. Are top Gear for each Grade (D,C,B…) buy able or muss be crafted?

4. I remember play on a lowrate server which show npc level. Does this server support that or do you see it as a cheat?


see you in game,