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I have checked several armor possible problem :3
here what I got so far :

Human Magic – Male – Titanium Gloves
Human Magic – Male – Titanium Upper being Lower too
Human Magic – Male – Titanium Lower being empty
Dark Elven – Male – Imperial Crusader Gloves being transparent

AAAAAAnd all of these fixed ! 😛
Human mage upper lower required bit of work (as seen in video how I did)
and required some tricks
It does have side effect and I show it on video.
If you equipe Upper now it work fine you only have upper but it have an overlay error with most armor (normaly Apella is One-piece armor !)
And if you equipe only Lower part it show fin just some little little really little holes.
(un seen in normal play)
Legos for a video ?

Please Silent add button “add youtube” next to Close tags when we write a post (an hour to find it back on how to post a youtube video directly without going into youtube.^^”)

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !