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Here I come with several new NPC / mob / pets / decoration for wedding also I don’t show all but if you look at the mesh name you can guess what I can come up :p
If you have suggestion feel free 😉

Isn’t she is really cool ? I love this one !
(T-posed to show it that also got animation ;))

<- This is a test and nothing else so I don’t think it’s gonna have it’s place here but that to show you 🙂 ->

Yes and yes That lot of wedding stuff coming, but I heard you wanted something unique here so our client is unique and feature things like that is Silent approuve, it would allow us to make events, custom zone and more so not sure it will be used but it would pwn also sorry for such lot of pic 🙂

(Every things that need animation have them !)

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !