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They have made it cause we aren’t enough to craft.
Also we’re too high rates for Crafting system.
I agree a 5-10x would suit true Old skool.
for me when i see these Server files I think some custom zone lv 75 – 80 no gmshop, some A/S as full drop + craft from these zone.
B/C grade as official.
Some little event to appeal peoples to come
Also rewamped donations to fit low rate.
But eeeeh not everyone can be pleased 🙂
Atm I think the server is too easy but that my point of view and I love that C3 server cause *cought*the copy*cought*other server*cought* is moraly not on i will follow.
A server that does Prelude->C1->C3 isn’t a serrious server.
This one always been C3 even when before it was let be honnest crappy server files.
(No vampiric / drain etc)

No that is close to perfect Server file for c3 exepct in spawn list/NPC data/Boss data/ and all that is linked to C2+ of these.
Beside that a great setup :3

All that to say yeap that old skool but made it easy.

: No worry I’m not saying to that bad, Far from it else I wouldn’t do my best to help in any part 🙂
Just I a have a tiny question, why these rate and setup?
Have you been player on low/high rate and wanted these setup or that totaly random :3?

: I’m french too feel free to pm me in-game (Midona / Claire / Baoulettes)

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !