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When making a Forum/website account you have to wait maximum 30 min (actually me and my friends was 5mins ~)
Also once that account for website, create a game account and put a password and be sure to not try to log ingame right when you did it.
I suggest you to close the game, go downstairs, prepare a coffee put a little sugar in your cup, go back upstairs, sit down slowly in you chair move your mouse over LineageII.exe and double click on it.
Wait a few mins to update (drink a bit of coffe now ;))
Once on login of lineage put your login, pw pass the server selection screen (enter key ever 0.441 secondes if you do too fast it will kick you far abusif attempt to log like a barbarian)
then create a char and
profit !!!!!
Drink coffee is a cool buff you will see 😉

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !