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Alkien a.k.a. Hyperion checking in …

As we decided a month ago, we shall not speak to eachother anymore and since we did that I have not said a single word about you to anyone (meaning to start a converastion about you). You enjoy your game and let me enjoy mine. Don’t know why you felt like talking about me again on a topic that actually has nothing to do with me.

The reason I decided to write a line or two is just to clearify that Silentz0r has never bend any rules for me and further one it was ME who first reported that 1% HP bug like ages ago.

Also wanted to say a word about “All server = Silentz0r and Hyperion” – I explained to everyone in my clan (not even to silentz0r) that we decided not to talk to eachother anymore. It was the only info they needed and it is the only thing I told them. Silentz0r is an Admin and does not even need to know about in-clan relations so why talk to him about that? (retorical question) … My clan mates however shared that from time to time it was hard to talk to you and that you seemed possessive, which (I am sorry) is totally true. But as I have said … for past month I couldn’t care less what you were doing and why were you doing it. But then this post … damn you must hate me … don’t even know what I ever did to you. From day one you are coming up with theories of what an asshole I am – you even got me beyond angry with your random chatting and talking bad things about me – I really was so close to quitting everything here (then we got to an agreement not to share any more talks – thank goodness) because of you.

So to sum this up – trust me, many people indeed have problems with you, but that is just your fault and not anyone else’s. Try to be a nicer person to … well, everyone … Try and tend to seeing good in people, try to be a nice person in general that hides behind that character in game. This is a game, of course, but there are people behind every character.

Oh and about the ban – didn’t even know what you were doing and what you got banned for till my clan mates explained to me. So believe me – I just couldn’t care less what has happened here, but I surely do not need you tresh-talking about me again. So – please – tend not to do it anymore. It really isn’t necessary.

It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.