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1. Maybe you think that I know only dagger skills but SH (Midona) does have root skill?
2. LVL 75 RB is low lvl RB?
3. Iā€™m talking about double slow bug ( which happens with 2 different slow skills which normally overwrite each other, but in some conditions they both apply), found and used by you and NOT ABOUT ROOT (spell howler and shilen elder are 2 very different hings)!
4. You do not deny it, but try to change subject in very meaning less direction :).
5. With this bug no one need to run nonstop from boss which increases the effective fire power with +50% for 3 total persons, +33% for 4, +20% for 5 and etc.

1 : You don’t see that all debuff can be applied on boss/world boss in C3 and that original system.
I Told you root like I could told you curse weakness or ice bolt.
Just need proper matk, oh oups I got 5.1K of it and Iam not even lv 78, I am sooooo haxor šŸ˜€

2. Read my full sentence I am not the one to repeat myself. (yeah yeah the first one :p)

3. What I have found? I use slow on boss that all. (like i describ in 1 point.)
I have only one slow so what you speak about little guy?

4. Wut dah hell you want in that point? (out of joke what your meaning?

5. what the … you think ?
I don’t how slow can provide weakness to fire when that applied by sh O.O
sometime you need to be more clear Lady.

I follow the rules, I even follow them a bit much as I am a bug reporter, caus you might now know bt yet I did more than you think.
I have reported You but the Bug you was actually using.
But also several little one during my play cause just to speak I could have owned any of Archer there before with a simple weapon B +15 ! with triple SA but what I did? I reported the bug one I seen it has 3 sa and totaly abandonned my archer (Mysticia btw.)
So please calm yourself you’re angry cause I reported something you liked that not my problem.
If it were Galy or Hyp or any other I would also have reported like I already did.

so now if you have something again man just go one you lost your time šŸ˜‰

It would be easier for all, yep even you so now I am there behid my monitor waiting your reply.
It’s like playing with ant this thread I like it šŸ™‚

PS: little boy if you start to play rule with me you can see any of my char at any hours and you will how fair I play cause I play only ! ahah now just leave me with your sticky rules I know them more than you cause I’ve been someone that applied rules before so I know them happy?
now go back to you game, oh wait you’re still banned? BannedAllHopes ~

PS2: To Silentz0r if you feel I am a bit rude just delete that message I think he would read it before that my main goal šŸ™‚
It just I don’t like that kind of post without proof ~

Still to all even you Aba I hope you see that some kind of “joke” with the names like Lady and co.
I wish you all a good day and relax that a game only šŸ˜‰

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !