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While for second bug you maybe be right (or maybe not, because you were using them in fact), for the second you play trickery again.

1. Maybe you think that I know only dagger skills but SH (Midona) does have root skill?
2. LVL 75 RB is low lvl RB?
3. I’m talking about double slow bug ( which happens with 2 different slow skills which normally overwrite each other, but in some conditions they both apply), found and used by you and NOT ABOUT ROOT (spell howler and shilen elder are 2 very different hings)!
4. You do not deny it, but try to change subject in very meaning less direction :).
5. With this bug no one need to run nonstop from boss which increases the effective fire power with +50% for 3 total persons, +33% for 4, +20% for 5 and etc.

If we are going to play FAIR lets do it 100%, shall we?
You expected to report me and me to be silent about your own shit? Come on. Get real. Lets apply now your rules to yourself. Ok Baoulettes?