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that an exelent idea for a book men 🙂

well let me clear your mind a little bit ^^

Midona (Baoulettes) – who says he hates bug users – in fact uses 2 bugs triggered by himself.
1. Super slow bug found by himself and he continues to exloit on boss fight – when 2 different slows of same power are cast at same time they both take effect to main speed.
2. Elemental symphony can be used without the 3 seeds. This is used to instantly kill player in pvp and additional big dmg on bosses. This bug is used by all mages except necros and orc mages. (They all should get banned I think)

1. Have you ever played Lineage II C3 ?
where you can root lower level RBs cause you got better matk? 🙂
No need to explain so 😉

2. Normal hit 21xx
elemental symphony hit 35xx
Mana cost + Cast time I better use my normal hit baby 🙂
Also I was thinking it was intended to be like that cause else we would need to be hundred.
and for finish even on Bartz I never used that seed system when i was in c3 😛

What else? an expresso :)?

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !