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k i read like half of the comments on this and then couldnt handle it any further. The one comment i had noticed and just wanted to put my 2 cents on is the comment about silent being unfair. You have no idea how incredibly fair he is. Ive been on enough free server and delt with enough developers, and i have never once seen one that was not doing this for some personal gain, i.e. pay to win free server. This is in no way a pay to win server, and almost every free server is that way. Even with all the new donation changes coming out his number 1 priority is making sure this does not turn into a free server where you have to donate. This is something he enjoys doing, spends his own time doing it, and lets be honest, doesnt get much in return for his work. But thats the way a free server works. Not to mention, its his and toolpunks server, at any given day either one of them could just decided, well im bored and pull the plug on the whole thing. Now while i hope that doesnt happen any time soon, this is the risk you get when playing on a free server. Point being, its their server, so pissing them off by starting a personal vendetta against them, probably isnt the smartest thing you could think of when not wanting to get banned.