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You didn’t use the “use forum, you idiot” indeed but used like all else (shorter version of last one). And what is this?

Who said this?

So, you first started irritating me when you were spamming me ingame about bugs, when I was specifically telling you that this is what the Forums’ Bug Section is for. You completely ignored anything I said to you, you just said your own thing. That would be reason enough for me to mute you, but I didn’t. I gave you another chance.

and this

Don’t try and justify what you did because it’s not a matter of right or wrong. Just understand that you got caught fucking up and just move on. You weren’t trying to help, because you never reported or PM’d me about that bug, you simply abused it.

How many personality do you have? First don’t report me any bugs online. Then you are guilty that you didn’t reported it and just go forth. HAHAHAHAAHAHAH. You are really funny. And you said that I’m little kid while you get berserk just because 20-30 rows from some random person… Isn’t this more childish? You will ruin your health hurter if you continue like this. Take care. Use some pills or something. Take it easy. Life is not going to end tomorrow (probably).