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First of I know that you are not so close with hyperion and you did banned him in past for like 3 days.
Second in your last post there is a proof that you are making your own reality – show me where exactly I called you an idiot? Bring from ingame logs if you want to. You nonstop keep saying that I’m insulting you while it is the opposite.
You maybe need a doctor?
Poor you. I think now I kind of start to understand you. When I imagine that I think that anyone who says things which I do not want to hear, are actually insulting me – then my life really should be hard. But there are doctors, alchohol, drugs, suicide and etc things that can fix this. Don’t you think?

And about this:
“You made up a storyline in your head, in which your enemy is the evil silentz0r, and have lived by it ever since.”
It is more likely you was seeing that evil AbandonAllHple who insults you all the time and everywhere, and have lived by it ever since.
You said I abuse you or insult you just like in your post above which is different from reality.

You first say to stop PM you in game and to use forum. And then say that I never PM you about this bug? Hahahahahaha. But you said to me to never do so. You forgot?
And btw I do not justify myself. I’m guilty. And the point is to ban all else. In this way:
1. Bugs will be never ever abused.
2. No one will ever abuse/insult/trololol you in game (not even a chance. I guarantee)

You maybe owner of this server/site and yes have power to ban, but that power is kind of limited if we look closely on it, don’t you think? (Life is not fair 🙂 )
And why not post that 950 lines of fixes and “to do” list in separate threads so all can see that you are actually working on something? Positng a list is not hard. It is pretty normal for any application/project to have Changelog.