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My attitude, huh? Here you are, coming in my forum and calling me stupid. Take a moment and realize this, talking about attitudes. I dunno why you think that I live in my own reality, maybe because my char is sitting on that ledge glowing.

Even though I never used the phrase “use forum, you idiot”, I probably should have though, after I specifically told you over 10 times (not exaggerating) within 2-3 minutes to use the forums and you still wouldn’t. The rest of your quotes are really dumb, and misquoting is a really shitty thing to do.

I spend my time to run, fix & maintain this server for free for everyone, just to have people like you come online when they’re in a bad fucking mood and tell me how I don’t care about anything and I don’t fix bugs, I kiss Hyperion’s ass and live in the Bahamas drinking mojitos with all the money I don’t make form the server. What’s also funny is that even Hyperion and myself have had our setbacks and fights over things, but people see a fully equipped character and they instantly assume that’s it has somehow something to do with the admin, not that the player has been here ever since the server was up (yes, he is one of the oldest players). This is a project myself and toolpunk decided to start years ago, knowing we won’t be making money out of it, simply because we really loved this era of the game.

I’m really sorry that you made a topic about Aegis stance and skills like those, which aren’t top of the list in importance to fix and might have got overlooked. This is our project after all, and what’s first to be fixed is our decision. That’s not something that is up for discussion, either like it or not. I would post my 950+ lines of Bug Fixes (fixed and pending) as proof, but I don’t need to prove nothing to nobody. Every bug report is put into our to-do list, it would be just dumb not to (I’ll let you figure this one out).

Imagine how badly you pissed me off in order for me to call you those things. Just for a second, try to think how annoyed and angry someone must be with your stupid behavior to rage like this. I was trying to speak to you once again, and you were being an impossible little kid with your threats and the “go ahead, ban me” attitude. I don’t tolerate this kind of crap towards me, and thankfully I have the power to do something about it. Just like the topic you’re referencing with our discussion. If you don’t understand that your behavior was shitty then I’m really sorry but there’s nothing I can do. I wasn’t even planning on banning you, as long as you would help me identify the Bug (which I also told you). But as soon as I ported to you you were being annoying and completely uncooperative and I had no time to deal with whatever you though you would achieve, so I gave you an ultimatum: You got caught. Either cooperate or get banned. You chose the latter, we all moved on.

“Just started to play like everyone else”
Everyone else has reported possible bugs they found, all you’ve done was one lousy random rant on the forums (after I begged you for a Bug Report) where 10% of it was Bug Report and 90% telling us how to do our job.

We’ve been around long enough to know how to deal with copyrights, so you can drop that subject.

Don’t try and justify what you did because it’s not a matter of right or wrong. Just understand that you got caught fucking up and just move on. You weren’t trying to help, because you never reported or PM’d me about that bug, you simply abused it. If you scroll through these forums (which, for your information are our 3rd forums and are lacking content) you could find endless Bug Reports and posts by me underneath saying “Fixed” or “Need to look into this more”. So tell me again how I do not care about Bug Reports, when I specifically asked you more than 10 times in one conversation to do that.

I don’t care to make enemies online, especially here in a community that I’ve tried very hard to create. You made up a storyline in your head, in which your enemy is the evil silentz0r, and have lived by it ever since. Just try to remember how many times you’ve begged me to ban you, and how many times I told you to grow up and didn’t punish you.

Finally, if you think other people are abusing bugs, be specific about it. Right now, you are neither reporting bugs nor reporting players abusing bugs, so there’s nothing I can do with that information.

I’m also asking anyone else (mainly Baoulettes and Hyperion whose names have been in this thread) to take time and have a say in here.