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Cool thread, but here’s what’s really happening here.

So, you first started irritating me when you were spamming me ingame about bugs, when I was specifically telling you that this is what the Forums’ Bug Section is for. You completely ignored anything I said to you, you just said your own thing. That would be reason enough for me to mute you, but I didn’t. I gave you another chance.

Then one day you raged like a retard ingame, and _specifically_ asked me to ban you. I did not, I let it pass, even though you still didn’t listen to a word I said.

Then a lot of people started telling me about you annoying them in some way. I still did not take any action, and told them one by one to deal with you as best as they could.

Then you exploited a bug, and got banned (which you actually wanted to in the first place) and all of a sudden you remembered to tell me about all these other people abusing bugs and how they’re not playing fair. You see how that makes you look like, right?

And then you tell me how I don’t fix bugs – how nice of you. I’ve spent the past 6+ years fixing bugs every fucking day, so please, come tell me how I don’t care about this server. Of course the server has bugs, because it’s an old fucking game. Do what I ask you, report them PROPERLY and help me fix them for you. After all, it’s a free server. That’s right, FREE. You’re not paying me anything, and I’m hosting this server for you out of my own fucking money, and spend my time fixing bugs for you. So, please, tell me how I’m a cheater and stuff.

LOL at your “Rules were changed for Hyperion comments”. This is just sad. The rules were changed yesterday, because dual-boxing out of town is actually allowed, I had forgotten to update the rules and someone asked me about it online. You can also read a rule that mentions that we will change the rules without formerly notifying everyone, because obviously that wouldn’t work.

About your whole “Bug Users” rant, I’ve told you once and I’ll tell you again, make EXPLICIT bug reports so I can work with them. If you can’t do that, then don’t complain about bugs.

As far as your little stolen stuff threat, most of it is wrong so cry away, nobody’s gonna listen to you. Let me break it down for you:

1. No stolen code is used.
2. No stolen code is used.
3. Actually, the players are using the client, not me.
4. You have the modified client, which you run, not me.
5. We do not gain a profit, as I’ve said a million times I pay for this service out of my own salary.

Also, L2 has gone Free-to-Play so good luck with your investigation against an outdated and old server.

But again, funny how you only remembered all this after you got banned, tells a lot about you. You were willing to look away while you were enjoying the free service, but as soon as something goes wrong you’re ready to run to mom & dad. Pathetic.

Flying high and all that bullshit can stay out of this conversation, if you think I’m not doing things fair then speak about them openly, as I do. Funny you should call me a cheat and stuff, most people can tell you that I’m probably one of the most honest admins this game has ever seen.

Me and toolpunk have been working on this server for free to provide and old school C3 server for free, and all you have done is complain and abuse bugs instead of properly reporting them, and them blaming us for not fixing the bugs which you never reported in the first place.

You are an impossible person to speak to, you never listen to anything anyone has to tell you, you just mumble your own thing. And that’s what pissed me off the most. I was asking you if you abused a bug, and all you had to say was how this server is full of bugs and how everyone sucks around here.

If we suck so much, do yourself a favor and go away. I’m also not sure what the point of your topic was, but that’s generally the case with you.