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okay here is my last screen of grade S 😀
Quite really happy 🙂
(next screen while show S grade running in my side to show it in action on our little server :))


I will send you an email containing link for Utx (Tita/Imp/Drac/Maj) and UKX (Dropmesh I needed to get.)
It will be an Heavy .rar ! (Tbh it gonna take me time to upload it…) but all tita utx will be replace the older so please backup (even tbh I don’t see any problem comming but who know).
And also I will give you a TXT with lines that need to be put in armorgrp.dat also if need a L2FileEdit for C3 files (I think you got it but who know :p)
So please once you downloaded it could you tell me? because my ftp is a free one so I am so limited 😡

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !