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Here the full Major Arcana set fixed over all class/race.

My todo list :
Major Arcana Dropped mesh (boot/glove/upper)
Imperial crusader Boots/Gloves/Upper/Lower over : all race / sexe.
Apella Boots Robe use wrong texture for Human Mystic (Male)
Apella Robe Stocking is totaly wrong for Human Mystic (Male)
Apella Boot light boots use wrong model for Female Shaman.

Little Easy fix
Apella set (Robe/Light/Heavy) Dropped Mesh.
Dusk Items Glow, Glow effect, Descriptions.
Various Items description ( “u” isn’t a word but “you” it is! even if that no validated for later use I will it for me.)
Wedding dress to be available in game for later use who know I can posibly convert it (not yet looked but I’ve been told that impossible. You know like me nothing is impossible, look what I can do :P, Just : @silentz0r Wedding will have to be like tallum heavy , the “breastplate” and “gaiter” as one piece (else that will do weird for girls robes.))

Once all these Fix done in my side I will free to receive request untill then I am busy :D!
My goal? get all that fixed before new year for sure !

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !