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Fully fixed Apella (Aka Tita set ) for ALL race / sexe 🙂
I don’t post screen cause that would take to much of time !
Also almost done Draconic set for all.
(it now have proper shader with the “red” effect on it !
you know that effect that make the Draconic set really epic :D!)

Look carefully the black part there is some red effect over it.
And now look in game here and these are missing :/
That what I call a “shine” effect and well Im fixing all of the over :
Major Arcana
Imperial Crusader
(these 3 require TON of work to reconstructe source of the UTX cause I don’t have them . . . )

Apella Robe/light/Heavy <- Done already only few really little tweak to find really the right effect 😀
I hope Silentz0r will validate them so to include it as update as that really a “fix” and not a “tweak”.
That for those like me hate little bug *cough* Aba *cough* XD

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !