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Well, this bug is getting kinda more and more common! Got “stuck in the moment” again … this time with my spoiler and in totally different situation:

I was walking from our CH towards the GK in Aden … while taking the path I have taken so many times before – mega freeze!!! Arienna is now standing near Aden’s GK, doing absolutely nothing and there is also nothing I can do to get her account logged in again. (read: Access failed!)

As you can see a completely different situation with the same “bug result”.

I am wondering … does this phenomena has anything to do with multi-boxing? Is there a limit on how many clients can be open from one IP?

Would be extremely happy if we can get a server restart today to fix my “Arienna problem” cause I have oh so many things to spoil and oh so little time to do it!

It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.