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Hey, as we discussed ingame I got confused by the “Final Frenzy” and “Frenzy” and was talking about the Destroyer skill, sorry about that.

The Gladiator skill, “Final Frenzy” doesn’t work as it should, so we have made it permanently on (you will never notice, but you always have + Patk). Our only other option is to have it as a Toggle skill (like Accuracy/Vicious Stance) and players will be able to activate it when they are below 20% hp.

I manually checked the Patk gained in the scripts and it is the same values as the official C4 scripts:

Level 1 : 32.9 Patk
Level 2 : 39.4 Patk
Level 3 : 46.6 Patk
Level 4 : 54.6 Patk
Level 5 : 63.3 Patk
Level 6 : 72.7 Patk
Level 7 : 79.3 Patk
Level 8 : 86.1 Patk
Level 9 : 93.1 Patk
Level 10 : 100.2 Patk
Level 11 : 107.5 Patk
Level 12 : 114.8 Patk
Level 13 : 122.1 Patk
Level 14 : 129.3 Patk

As I mentioned, as long as you have the skill it permanently increases your Patk. The only way to confirm this is: Next time you can level up your Final Frenzy, open your Status window (Alt+T) and look at you Patk before and after picking the skill.